Bill Murray


Internationally acclaimed comedian Bill Murray first gained national attention in the USA with his Emmy Award winning performances on Saturday Night Live; and then went on to appear in some of the funniest and best-known films of all time. He received Best Actor Golden Globes for Ghostbusters and The Royal Tenenbaums as well as a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for Lost in Translation. He has appeared in dozens of films, including his recent release, Moonrise Kingdom, and his Golden Globe nominated performance as President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson released in December 2012.

Bill was the cover story in the January 2013 issue of GQ, in an article entitled, “That’s Right! Bill Freakin’ Murray, This Guy Could Be President.” It’s a sentiment shared by his fans worldwide. The internet has countless “Bill Murray Sightings” and “Bill Murray Stories” owing to his well deserved reputation for showing up in unexpected places, unannounced, with a tap on the shoulder, a “guess who,” and a quick “no one will ever believe you” before disappearing.