Our Vodka Story


As a chef and restaurateur, over the last ten years, I have had the good fortune to have in my pantry and wine cellars some of the most wonderful artisan culinary products and wines, all from a tiny country called Slovenia. The discovery of the sea salts, chocolates, oils, spirits and wines was an epiphany for me and I knew I had to visit this little European country. In 2009 my family and I traveled to Slovenia to meet the artisans responsible for these exceptional products. What we discovered was a country totally passionate about quality with a commitment to preserving the pristine environment from which these products are born. I was so taken by both the warmth and sophistication of the Slovenian people that I sought to share my passion for this little country to all that would listen.

In 2010 I discovered a way to bring Slovenia to the lips of all Americans. Working with a distiller located just north of Ljubljana and utilizing their century’s old “pot” still we created a vodka with the waters that flow from the Julian Alps and a whisper of Buckwheat at its core. Buckwheat being a heritage grain that grows wild in Slovenia and appears in many of this country’s culinary dishes was a natural addition to the fermentation mash. Its inclusion though small in amount is responsible for the uncommon smoothness of our pure spirit. Borrowing from my culinary background I compare the use of buckwheat in our vodka to the pinch of saffron in my bouillabaisse, as a little bit goes a long way.

After assembling a superlative team of founders we traveled constantly back and forth to Slovenia in an effort to perfect a “recipe” for a unique vodka that would reflect the purity and passion of this under discovered country. Using select members of our restaurants’ clientele as an informal tasting panel, we accomplished the mission in the spring of 2012 and SLOVENIA VODKA was born.

The team then designed and created a unique bottle, square to resemble a frozen block of vodka, inspired by the finest Slovenian crystal and manufactured at the premier bottle manufacturer in Slovenia.

Two members of this informal tasting panel were so enthusiastic that they joined the SLOVENIA VODKA team as spokesmen. Celebrities Mikhail Baryshnikov and Bill Murray, both of whom are dear friends, and both well versed in the enjoyment of a great cocktail. Their participation brings a level of authenticity and serious fun to a category of spirits in need of both.

SLOVENIA VODKA – a consuming passion.

Drink responsibly – live admirably.